Journey of no Distance


Year Program 2020/2021

Overview - Journey of no distance

How do we bring peace, justice and sustainable beauty

into our world?

We firstly establish it in ourselves.

When we change, the world changes.

The Journey of no distance program

is a response to this notion.

It is for people who are willing to become the change.

The program offers a workable pathway

of awakening and transformation.

The workshops establish a progression of strong illuminated pathways, that lead us beyond existing addictive, thoughts and actions, to a direct experience of self as silent formless awareness...

That silence bestows a warmth in the heart 

from which compassion and courageous action arise.

The Course - 6 Workshops

Part 1:  Take your seat - a commitment to self,others and the planet.

We explore the nature of the landscape before us

and our willingness to meet its challenges.

We question where our willingness might fail?

Where do our fears reside? 

We make a commitment to the inner journey

for self, others and the planet.

Our commitment is one of willingness and openness.  

We take a seat of intention on a journey to self.


Part 2: Stepping into the Fire - burning away the obstructions.

The fire we step into is one of our own truthfulness.

This unveils our addictive thoughts, patterns and identities.

We must learn to relax as the fire burns away,

that which separates us from ourselves, others and life on earth.

This deepens, opens and consolidates in the practice of meditation.


Part 3: Intimacy & relationship - meeting beyond mind.

The burning once ignited

continues in every moment, in every meeting.

As the shell of protection and identity burn away, 

we begin to meet life in an openness beyond fear and expectation.

We take gentle steps toward this authenticity,

beyond our initial vulnerability. 

We establish this practice as one

which we confidently carry at all times.

Part 4: The way of beauty - the opening of the heart.

As we progressively find ourselves awakened to silent awareness,

that silence of self bestows a warmth in the heart.

This warmth is the foundation of compassion,

gratitude, forgiveness and happiness.

This experience opens perception to the

experience of beauty.

We explore what obstructs this and how to open ourselves to it.

Part 5: Making friends with death - meeting impermanence.

Clinging to life is the most fundamental of all our fears.

In this journey, the caterpillar in us dies,

for the butterfly to live.

We meet and journey beyond the impermanence of our body/mind, awakening ourselves to that which does not die.

Meditations and practices morph to mirror this experience.

Part 6: Releasing ourselves into life -  life as love in action.

Most of us live a life of constriction, sculpted by mind, pattern and identity.

When that activity no longer fills all the space in our awareness, we begin to meet life

in a spontaneous, fearless, naked, innocence.

We explore how we take our new seat in life in this way.

This takes some time to get used to.




13th - 15th November 2020

08th - 10th January 2021

05th - 07th March 2021

07th - 09th May 2021

02nd - 04th July 2021

03rd -  05th September 2021

10.00am - 6.00pm


Schloss Freiberg

Ludersdorf 30

8200 Gleisdorf



Course Fee

The price per workshop / person is 280 Euro, Concessions available.

The course is spoken in English with translation

available when needed.

Individual single follow-up sessions are available,

please contact to discuss.


Graham Brown 

+44 - 7734 - 681452 (whats app)

+43 - 670 - 4039095

Take your seat
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Stepping into the Fire
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Intimacy & Relationship
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The Way of Beauty
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Making friends with death
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Releasing self into life
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