A Walk on the beach in Scotland

A 7 day residential retreat in a Scottish Country House

A walk on the beach in Scotland
with Graham Brown

Graham Is delighted to be able to offer a 7 day residential Walk on the Beach program, in a beautiful country house close to Findhorn in Scotland, where he lived for 30 years.

The estate has been owned and  managed by the Houldsworth family for many years, Poppy Houldsworth is the current custodian.


This workshop is for people who have completed the Base Camp workshop

A walk on the beach is the 3rd year in Journey of no Distance program of workshops. This 7 day retreat is an opportunity to consolidate practice further, clarify teachings and take some well deserved  rest and relaxation in the deep peace of the Scottish countryside.

We will of course visit Findhorn Beach which was the inspiration for the program and other local places of power and beauty.

The retreat is offered in English with group co-operation where translation is required.

A walk on the Beach

For 30 years Findhorn Beach was my "go to" walk and place of sanctuary. Taking that familiar round again at Christmas 2021 my eyes awoke to the footprints left by the many lovers of this place... all interwoven and commingled.  Impressions of where we had once been.


For some time I have been drawn to the origin  of our current and dominant dualistic consciousness. Where did it begin and how has it taken dominion over life on earth.


The footprints before my eyes opened a door where history was revealed. 70,000 years ago something awoke in our ancestors. Scientist call this the cognitive revolution.

In this remarkably short evolutionary time we have risen to be top predator on our earth and driven our 6 remaining human cousins and a multitude of plant and animal species to extinction, and now we are doing the same to each other and what remains of the natural world.

70,000 years ago our mind awoke and the impressions of that experience lie deep in our current awareness and cause us to strive for dominance and security in a world of today where we are the only remaining threat to each other.

If our world is to change we need to take A Walk on the Beach, close to the ocean and let the waters wash away both the recent and the very old footprints embedded in the substrate of mind.

In this 7 day retreat we will retreat into the depth of that substrate and allow ourselves to be washed by the waters of awareness.  We will gain more of an intellectual understanding of how and why we have created the world of today and we will take in the deep beauty of a landscape still imbued with the pristine power of countless ages.

This is 7 days of intense living together in truth and openness... 

Bring everything you are ... everything is welcome

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Workshop Dates:
September 19-25
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