Camping in Mountains
The Journey of no Distance  


Every day life on earth becomes more intense.  
Our overworked mind‘s are constantly called to action.
Peace, rest and happiness seem ever more distant.
Fear and stress ever more present.
What can we do about that?

Peaceful, silent, spaciousness is what remains when the mind quietens.
In today's world with all its pressures, that is an experience that is rare.

Meditation gives the mind an opportunity to relax,  
to release its clinging to stress and endless activity
and taste silent empty spacious awareness.

In this demanding and rapidly changing world that taste of spaciousness
is a reservoir of peace and surety.

With an ongoing practice that spaciousness,
grows ever more present in our daily lives.

It is our greatest gift to ourselves
and our personal contribution to a world of peace.

Peaceful spaciousness is the treasury of all,
and the possession of none


Course Information

Base Camp - Part One
Base Camp part1 is a foundation course  
which establishes a workable pathway.
The course offers a really simple way
to understand the activity of mind, the patterns of emotions
and how to help ourselves relax and release stress.
It introduces a simple meditation practice
and establishes it on a solid foundation of understanding and experience.

All are welcome and no previous experience is necessary.

Base Camp - Part Two
Explores our separate sense of self, our EGO and
how it drives the activity of the mind and our emotional body.  
This understanding supports and deepens our meditation practice.

Open to those who have completed Part 1

Base Camp - Part Three
Explores how we can release deeply held fears,
patterns and trauma embedded in our energy body.

Open to those who have completed Part 2

Course Information
The price per workshop / person is 240 Euro,  

Please bring food to share for lunch, coffee , teas and water provided 

The course is spoken in English with translation.
Register and pay online or

email graham to pay cash on the day at

Bursary- Base Camp  Schloss Freiberg 14-15th November 2020

At Schloss Freiberg we have ample space in the Great Room and can easily maintain social distancing. Therefore at this intense time each person attending this course on a full fee  may bring one other person for whom full fee is difficult or impossible for a fee of €50.

To apply please write to me telling something of the circumstances at and I will confirm by reply.

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