A Base Camp in Scotland

A 5 day residential retreat in a Scottish Country House

Base Camp with Graham Brown

Graham Is delighted to be able to offer a 5 day residential Base Camp program in English in a beautiful country house close to Findhorn in Scotland where he lived for 30 years.


This workshop is for people new to Graham and the Peacebuildings Project .

Base Camp is his foundation workshop which normally takes place over a long weekend. This 5 day program includes all the elements of Base Camp with many opportunities to deepen and extend that work, consolidate the practices offered and take some deep rest and relaxation in the deep peace of the Scottish countryside.

Base Camp

In this crazy world how do we come to know and experience peace and happiness, and bring that into our experience.


Base Camp is where we explore the depth of the question and equip ourselves for the inner journey to the answer.


We explore the nature and look back 70,000 years to where our current consciousness sprang into dominance, because we need to understand where we are and how we got here.

We explore the timeless wisdom expressed in the Reciprocal frame...the nature of the awakening expressed by its form

and the vision of re-connection with ourselves, each other and our planet it presents

In that understanding we explore the real purpose of meditation, and learn and establish a simple powerful meditation practice of a firm foundation.


We learn the ancient way of council given by the Hopi to Gigi Coyle who with reverence and passion has passed it on to many.

We explore how we can use this in our relationships, community and businesses to reconnect with truth, establishing deeper connections, clarity and togetherness beyond conflict


There has never been a Base Camp which has not been accompanied by deep revelation, belly aching laughter, tears, delightful play, music and poetry.


You will leave the program with sacred tools that I have used for many years

This is two day of intense living together in truth and openness... 

Bring everything you are ... everything is welcome

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Workshop Dates:
September 19-24
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