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Be the Change

Climate change tells us that we humans got something wrong. 

We are not living in harmony with the earth that sustains us......

Why do we do that?

For millennia the consequences of our actions have been absorbed by earth.....

and tolerated and endured by all life .....but no more...

It is we humans who have created the problems

The solution is a paradigm shift in the consciousness that created the problems,

our human consciousness.  We are the problem  - we are the solution.

The chaos, control, manipulation and lies in our world today,

are old systems trying to hold back the tide of change.

It is necessary for us to be the change.

How do we meet and participate in this challenge?

Be the Change

is an online gathering young people from 15 -25 ish years

about all of this and more of this !!!

I'd love to hear your voices.... Graham

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Be the Change

Be the Change

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We are the ones...... We and all life on earth are one.
We are the ones...... We and all life on earth are one.
15 Feb 2022, 20:00 CET
Online event
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