Be the change

An evening of exploration, dialogue and discussion

with Graham Brown.

The events below are now cancelled due to Covid restrictions.

I have often wondered why my 12 year old self sat to meditate on my bedroom floor. 

At 67, in these intense and crazy times I know.

The craziness of this time on earth, will either take us with it, or we will become a calm within the storm.


What is that calm?  We could call it silent, aware, spaciousness

by which, and within which, all thought and all experience is known. 

But those are just names and we cannot give name to no- thing.

Silent, peaceful, empty, unchanging, formless, aware, it is ever with us.

It is the treasury of us all and the possession of none.

The storm is the endless activity of the mind which overshadows its presence.

In that spaciousness

We meet the demands of life with compassion and confidence.

Problems unfold and dynamic courageous solutions arise.

Fear and pain dissolve.

When we awaken in that,

peace and happiness awaken in the heart and mind,

and life in us and around us changes.

We become the change.


My many years of searching, endeavor, falling in bear traps, delusion, addiction, loss and pain, 

were the mix of brutal medicine and blessings that engendered surrender and awakening in that.


The Journey of no Distance workshops I now offer are based upon my experiences on the road.

I hope I can help you to avoid some bear traps and make a swifter passage than I.

The Reciprocal Frame, a physical roof structure dumped itself in my awareness in 1987. I have deigned and built 45 buildings, some large some small, with it since. 

From the moment of its arrival it was clear that it was also a timeles wisdom in structural form. A wisdom that was beyond my understanding when I was 33.  Over the 34 years since it has educated and deconstructed who I thought I was.

It has also constantly illuminated my pathway.

It will be my pleasure to reveal something of that timeless wisdom during this evening together.


Base Camp is the foundation workshop of the Journey of no Distance program.I will give an overview of its content