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BaseCamp Scotland

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The course

Whenever we make a journey we must prepare and this inner journey is no different.

If this journey were easy our ancestors would have made it centuries ago.


The Landscape

If our journey is to make reunion

with silent awareness of our essential being we need to know what obstructs our direct knowing of that.

We must understand the landscape and the obstructions.

In this case the landscape and obstruction of the mind,

and our separated sense of self the EGO


So the first part of the workshop is gaining that understanding.

Not as hard as it might seem when you have helpers.


The Helpers

Helpers come in many forms...

Two physical structures have guided my understanding.

One very familiar one not so.

The Triangle of Hierarchy

and the Reciprocal Frame


We investigate the nature of the mind with these helpers.

and chart and dialogue what we have come to understand of ourselves.

The Tools _ Meditation.

We need some tools for our journey and the skill to use them.

This takes dedication and practice

No quick fix here I'm afraid


In Base camp you will be given a simple meditation on the breath.

Technique is one thing, approach is another.  You will be given a deep understanding within which the practice will reside and grow to progressively open the mind to the presence of silent awareness. 

Awakening Dormant Qualities

As we meet the content of our mind in an increasing spaciousness, we need to awaken some dormant qualities in our awareness.

Qualities that are capable of communication with our addictive patterns of thought and identification. 

Basecamp is where we begin a journey.

If you are reading this you are contemplating  an inner journey or wanting to continue one already begun.

In response to an inner call... a silent one


Millions of people on earth are hearing this same call

What is it?


It matter not whether we are happy or sad,

whatever the nature of our experience,

we are always aware of it.

The awareness by which we know our experience

has no content, it is silent, ever present, and ever aware.


When we are absorbed in the content of our experience

We overshadow that silent awareness

by which experience is known.

This is separation and we call this the EGO,

a separated sense of self.


It is our silent awareness that calls us

to go beyond our  separated sense of self

to awaken to silent awareness, that is ever with us.

In that experience there is peace and happiness.


That is The Journey of no Distance

Base Camp is where we  prepare for such a journey

Course infomation

Th normal workshop fee is £250 person.

Please do not let a lack of funds stop your participation.

I am well aware that many people are  financially stretched at present so this fee is entirely negotiable.

Please register below with a full fee ticket or with the £10 registration ticket and write to Graham at with your situation and a proposal.

Group Workshops max usually 10 people.

The course is spoken in English,

Email graham at


The Peacebuildings Yurt

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BaseCamp is always deeply serious

    Sat, 23 Oct
    23 Oct 2021, 09:30 BST – 24 Oct 2021, 17:00 BST
    Findhorn, Findhorn, Forres, UK
    The foundation workshop of the "Journey of no Distance" program workshop to introduce, clarify and place the subtle art of meditation upon a firm foundation of experience and understanding. To give a simple way to understand the activity of the mind and the patterns of emotion.
  • Base Camp Introduction   Online - Free
    Base Camp Introduction   Online - Free
    Tue, 12 Oct
    Base Camp Introduction
    12 Oct 2021, 19:30 CEST
    Base Camp Introduction
    An online introduction to the Base Camp workshops and the Journey of no Distance Year Program with the opportunity to ask questions.
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