Cacophony or a symphony

Life on this planet can be overwhelming.

Traffic, politics, steet crime, nature, war, business, hunger, climate, relationship, debt.

Life today, in a myriad of ways,  is hard core.

Not nice, not easy.

Our body

Our minds

Our senses

Our preferences

All submited to an endless barrage of imput.

A cacophony of disparate madness


The processing power required to deal with all this stuff is enormous.

In dealing with it, we try to find our way through it all.

To navigate,

To promote,

To protect,

To defend.

Its exhausting. 


Some of us 

Some through breakdown

Some through breakthrough

Experience this cacophony in a different way


When the heart-mind has surrendered it fight

When in that surrender it experiences silent unconfigured awareness

Life is diffeerent.


We find ourselves within,

A symphony of oneness,

Of which we are fully a part.

No part of us,

Body, mind or spirit

is, or ever can be,

separate from that.


In this experience,

In this knowing,

There is peace.


In this we walk 

In this we play our part.


A symphony of harmony and dischord 

All the eternal music of life itself.

Far beyond and eternally within all things.