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The Peacebuildings Circus is a project for schools, youth groups and festivals across Europe

Each program has at its core the development and awakening of consciousness as our primary response to the challenges of our current world.

The Reciprocal Frame roof structure of the yurt is an architectural mandala that demonstrates the nature and strength of our inter-connectedness and provides a visual reference as we explore the challenges facing young people in the world today.

We use the mediums of painting, storytelling, puppetry, role play, meditation and the way of council as ways to explore our current world and the way we play within it.  With that reference we look to the beliefs that limit and the diversity of gifts, skills and awareness that reside in every individual. We practice listening and deep courageous communication. We ignite the recognition and belief that we are the one who can, and must take our place facing the monumental challenges that we on our planet face. That it is our courage, our determination, our skill, and our awareness that will unearth the substance and nature of the changes necessary, to create a world of peace, well being and sustainability for all.

The Project was founded in Steirermark, Austria, where have sought governmental support from youth and culture departments in Graz, initially for the finance that will enable us to take the Circus into schools or youth groups for two week long programs.


The Youth department has granted €8000 Euros support for the Peacebuilding Circus program with youth but not for the yurt itself. We currently have a refusal from  the Kulture Department which we have appealed. Unfortunately  this has again been refused because  and I quote:


"No funding recommendation can be made, as the project is presented in too general a manner and lacks aspects of both cultural mediation and contemporary art, and therefore, in the view of the Board of Trustees, does not fall within the scope of responsibility of art and culture funding. .....

Interesting what constitutes cultural involvement and expansion in Steirermark

We therefore seek funding for the creation of the yurt and a trailer in which to take it on its journey across Europe.

Our initial requirement is €35,000.

To take the project on a year long journey connecting young people across Europe we seek funding totaling

€200,000 which includes the creation of the yurt.

We will launch a crowdfunding program shortly.

Please contact Graham Brown for further information or visit the contribute page if you wish to donate now.

All assistance gratefully received

Wasserfest 2021

We are in conversations with Danny and Christian to again bring the Peacebuildings Yurt together with our program of lectures and workshops to Wasserfest in 2021. The festival is from the 18th to the 22nd August. Check the Wasserfest website for details.

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