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Image by Patrick Schneider

The Peacebuildings Yurt

The turning the compass toward peace tour
The turning the compass toward peace tour

There is a growing intensity in our world today...

We all feel it and every aspect of our lives are touched by it.

For myself I feel the power of evolution relentlessly driving us toward one of two outcomes.

A life of peace sustainability and beauty.......or mass extinction in the not too distant future.

This imperative calls me to act.

In my world that is to offer the potential and pathways to the first outcome.

This is the springboard for the Turning the Compass Toward Peace tour .

A tour with the yurt to the countries surround Russia and the Ukraine, then across Europe to the UK and Ireland.

Visiting communities, schools, companies, government in villages, towns and cities. Inviting people to come in and sit a while.

We will offer workshops, presentation and dialogue wherever we stop and we will stop where there is an invitation


The yurt is a traveling epicenter of change. Its Reciprocal Frame roof combined with the work we do touches people in many different ways. 

For some, the interconnected beams of the structure mirror that of our natural world and creates a primordial recollection of how we humans can live in peace with ourselves, each other and all life on earth.


For some the structure sparks a deep remembrance of, and re-connection to, pure, silent, unbounded awareness that is the very life that enters the body at conception and leaves when the body dies. That by which the mind can think, the heart can feel, the senses perceive and the body move. Re-connection to that, no matter how momentary, opens a pathway beyond the activity of the mind to reside in peace, happiness and freedom. This is a journey of no distance, for this is already with us.... overshadowed by the constant activity of the mind.

From a dream to CAD to reality.  The Peacebuildings Yurt is the latest of 45 Reciprocal Frame buildings I have designed and built. It is however by the grace of Christian Lechleitner (whose head I am happily squeezing in the picture below) that we have the yurt and the trailer, both ready to go on this journey.

Christian offered to pay for all the materials for the yurt, including the canvas cover and felt insulation commissioned from Yurtewerkstat. He then offered the free use of his workshop and his unpaid labour to work alongside me to build the Yurt. Then in a final act of generosity, and belief in the project, he bought the trailer in which to move it all on the understanding that I would  finally crowdfund to repay him.

So finally is now.... as it is time to repay Christian and take the yurt on the road.... it is time for action.


I need you help to bring this project quickly into being.


As I have said we have the yurt but have to pay for the materials (€26,000)  and the huge trailer  which has been properly racked out to secure all the different elements securely as we travel (€8000). We now need a vehicle to pull to total weight of 3200Kg (€15000 for something old but strong)  We need food, fuel and accommodation for the team for the duration, communications and video support to blog our journey and put online teachings sessions.

Our initial target is €70,000 and then the more we raise the longer and further we go. The will be a further crowdfunding to create an online support program for those who have spent time in the yurt and want more...

All names of contributors and contributions go on the list unless anonymity is requested. The project will be audited to show where your money has gone... Every contribution is welcome no matter how small or large,

and is more than money....

I will keep everyone up to date in the newsletter so Please subscribe if you

Graham Brown

Crowd Guiding

Money is the fuel but I need more.

Without your help to open doors to people and places the penetration that this project can achieve will be less than possible 

I am willing to walk into any room, anywhere, to meet and sit with anyone, no matter how apparently high or low...

but I need your help to get me there.


This project is not just about talking and meeting with the converted. Help me to know where there might be a gap, a potential, a steeping stone on the pathway of global change to peace and sustainability.

Image by Jakub Sejkora
Crowdfunding Reciprocity

Contribute €10,000 and above

The reciprocal offer is to be discussed


Contribute €3,000 or more

The reciprocal offer is a 7 day retreat for one person in the highlands of  Scotland July 23rd to 30th July 2023 open to 9 people. A life changing week - Meditation, personal fitness and mobility coaching, vegetarian food, massage therapy, highland walks by river, beach and ben ( hill )

Contribute €5000

This is a reciprocal offer for companies and institutions. A 3 day in-house Peacebuildings workshop for up to 20 colleagues tailored to open dialogue and offer practices to improve interaction and thereby efficiency

Contribute €4000

The reciprocal offer is any one of the programmed Basecamp foundation workshops together with the next Journey of no distance year program of 6 weekend workshops.

Contribute €2000

The reciprocal offer is any one of the programmed Basecamp foundation workshop and 3off, 1 hour  online sessions with Graham.

Contribute €1000

The reciprocal offer is any one of the Basecamp foundation workshops

Contribute €600

3 Online sessions with Graham

Contribute €400

2 Online sessions with Graham

Contribute €200

1 Online sessions with Graham

Contribute €100

A Journeyman's notebook - a compilation of 168 poems by graham spanning 35 years

Contribute €01-99

These donations will be added to the list where a contributor wishes that

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