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Be the Change

Climate change tells us that we humans got something wrong. 

We are not living in harmony with the earth that sustains us......Why do we do that?

For millennia the consequences of our actions have been absorbed by earth.....

but no more...

Familiar, powerful, old structures and ways that have created the problems will die,

We will give birth to new ones.

We will awaken to be the ones capable of such radical change.

It is necessary for us to be the change.

How do we meet this challenge?

Be the Change is a workshop about all of this and more of this !!!


The ability to recognise, tell, and live by the truth seems in short supply on earth at present particularly in our leaders

Until we are able to go beyond personal and collective self interest we will never be able to solve our global problems.

Truth opens a free illuminated open pathways.

What is truth?


Self interest protects itself and tolerates and supports injustice to do so.

How with all the intelligence we possess today can we tolerate injustice, corruption and rampant self interest.

Where is the courage to see this as it is?


The Blue Planet... a rarity in the universe an incredible garden that makes life viable..

We know life for many on this earth is very hard and becoming harder even for those of us in the most developed nation


Man for millennia has sought safety in dominance. In survival of the fittest. This has given birth to hierarchical structures that now rule the earth.

In this we do not much care about the weakest and seek to possess and control resources that are actually are the birthright of all

Mutual well being

Life on earth is profoundly connected but for millennia we have lived as though it were not. We have lived in separation from ourselves, each other and our earth.

To solve our global problems we have to go beyond that which separates us in our consciousness and allow new qualities of co-operation, compassion, truth and justice to arise in our being.

Why is going beyond fear that causes us to protect our interests so hard?


You could say that it has taken 14.8 billion years for us to get in this mess and the force of evolution will ruthlessly wipe us out if we fail to make a paradigm shift.

You could also say that the immense power of evolution has put us between an rock and a hard place so that we have to make the leap or die.

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