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Turning the compass toward peace
7 days to change life and lives

A residential retreat in a Scottish Country House

Turning the Compass to Peace

This crowdfunding retreat is for 9 dynamic individuals

who recognise that a radical change,

is the next step for themselves and the world.

9 Individuals who have been successful

and profited from life in the world as we know it.

9 Individuals who know things have to change.

and are ready to take their seat in that change

9 individuals who have the generosity.

to help others to do the same.

The minimum price of a seat
on this retreat is £10,000

with anything above that figure welcome.

This crowdfunding retreat will kick-start the

Turning the Compass toward Peace Tour

with the Peacebuildings yurt

And kick-start an pathway of awakening

in those participating.


As such it is not for the fainthearted

As these 7 days represent a journey

where we leave behind the familiar

to make approach to that pure awareness

by which the mind can think

the heart feel

the body move



A Journey of no Distance

Graham describes his own inner journey

which began age 12 in these 5 words...

                  "A journey of no distance"

This is simply because we are not going anywhere.


We find ourselves in the process of revealing and knowing the very life we are.


That pure awareness by which the mind can think,

the heart feel, and the body move.

That which arises in form at conception

and leaves the body at death.

After many years Graham bears witness to the reality

that in the knowing of THAT,

peace and happiness

arise in our experience, 

to form an unshakable foundation,

for life and action in the world.,

and a good way to die.

What's in store

The Reciprocal Frame roof structure you see in the photos dropped into Graham's awareness in 1987

to interrupt and radically overturn his life.

It introduced itself as timeless wisdom and immediately made it abundantly clear that he knew nothing of that.


It guided him through his pain, confusion and  powerful desire to simply be on top to a knowing of THAT.

Remembrance of THAT empty spacious awareness...

is sparked by the centre-less vortex

around which the Reciprocal Frame beams reside.

The Reciprocal Frame is a powerful architectural mandala.

It is Graham's pleasure to pass on......

the understandings, practices and meditations,

revealed to him in his 34 year journey with this structure.

This is a week of intensity where laughter and tears are never far away...

Be prepared to be everything you are

and more than you know.

Circus Flyer 360 2_BEARB.png
Bernhard Woisetschläger

Bernie is our resident movement guru on our 7 day journey. Bernie has helped Graham recover his aging 70 year old body into some resemblance of good shape and well being.


Trained at Graz university with degrees in sports science his own interest took him deeper in movement for strength, mobility and healing.

Bernie is a young and playful master of his art and skilled  craftsman in helping the body remember its powers.

He will offer a wake up session before breakfast and another shorter continuity session before lunch... We are a small group and so he will be able to tailor a program to your appropriate level of mobility, fitness and ambition.

Tina Lamm


Tina is a wonderful cook who began her career working for 10 years in Amsterdam before making a return to Graz where she now resides. She is a professional baker and cook providing wonderful cakes to local restaurants, but also specialises in vegetarian and vegan food for yoga retreats as well as sumptuous cuisine for private functions.

The passion Tina exudes for her craft is palpable and you and your body will be blessed by 7 days of her food and her presence.

There will be a couple of sessions woven into the program where Tina will share something of her art and passion that you can take away with you,  and for those interested there will be opportunities to work alongside Tina in the kitchen.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are naturally included. Tina always uses locally grown organic produce. We will take breads from the Bakehouse bakery and cakes and pastries by Tina whose chocolate brownies are a Graz legend.

Please make sure you include any dietary requirements when booking.

Teas and coffee will be available throughout the days

Check out her website

portrait 1_tina.jpg
Additional information

The retreat is structured to provide deep rest and powerful inner journeying,  to go beyond how we normally live and meet ourselves and others in a place of openness and trust where we drop the protections and allow ourselves a nakedness of spirit where truth, playfulness reside.

On Sunday we arrive any time after 4.00pm, settle in and meet for dinner at 7.00. This will be followed by an evening gathering around the fire to introduce ourselves and arrive.

There is a planned rhythm to the days between Monday and Friday which can be seen on the program below.... This may be abandoned at any moment to follow the impulse of the day.

Each evening there will be another gathering around the fire if it is cold enough. Usually there will be a mediation between 8.00 and 8.30 guided by Graham but again this is a mystery school and who knows what will arise...


Dallas lodge

Dallas lodge is a beautifully decorated and maintained comfortable Scottish home. There is a sumptuous lounge and dining room together with a games room for those wishing to sharped their table tennis skill in down time. The grounds are extensive and well managed as shown in the photo gallery with places aplenty for quietude.


Dallas Lodge is a wonderful location in itself however we are also within easy striking distance beautiful temples of landscape.


Ten minutes away the River Findhorn which makes passage through Randolf's Leap with a power and majesty that is breathtaking. The river also offers wonderful niches of solitude and small sandy beaches for fires, barbecue and a swim in its deep peaty waters.

The old fishing village of Findhorn set upon its tidal bay with its magnificent beach is 20 minutes away with iconic Kimberley Inn, Bakehouse Deli and coffee shop with the Findhorn Foundation just down the road.

We have river walks, hill walks, beach walks, in fact too many walks,  but when we know who we are we will sort out what suits. All of this is weather dependent and dependent upon our relationship to the Scottish Weather

Mini bus.

We will have a mini bus throughout the 7 days for pickup and drop off to Forres and for our excursions to enable us to journey as a group



It will be your responsibility to make your own travel arrangements to Dallas lodge or the nearest Town of Forres from where we will happily pick you up.

Arrival by air

The closest airport is Inverness being some 25 miles from Forres, with connecting flights from London, Luton and Bristol. It is a 30minute taxi ride to Forres or 40 minute to Dallas Lodge.

Aberdeen airport is 73 miles from Forres. The airport is a 10 minute taxi ride to Dyce railway station from which it is a 2 hour £20 train ride to Forres.

Arrival by rail.

Forres Railway station is your closest option with services provided by Scotrail.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. Cuisine is vegetarian with vegan options freshly prepared in-house by Tina Lamm our own fabulous cook. Tina always uses locally grown organic produce wherever possible. We will take breads from the Bakehouse bakery and cakes and pastries by Tina whose chocolate brownies are a Graz legend.

Teas and coffee will be available throughout the days

Check out her website


The house provides accommodation for a maximum of 9 guests.


There are 2 double rooms

3 twin rooms.

I know this appears to be 10 but it is not... Trust me.

There are 4 large bathrooms with 2 showers available.

There is a mystery to room allocation that will become apparent.

Daily Program
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