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Image by Damian Patkowski

The African Peace Hub


The African Peace Hub was a project inspired  commissioned and inaugurated by President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda in 2010.


This project highlights the need for the wisdom expressed by the structure to be embraced by all. This is a hard road and one which not all can face. But face it we must if we are to have a world of peace and sustainability.

This original design shown in the CAD model above provides space for high level discussions between visiting groups where accommodation  informal and formal meeting spaces are all brought within a secure environment that demonstrates the beauty and resolved calm of sustainable development on a site dedicated to Global Peace.

The project initiated by the creation of the Peace Garden and the Symbolic African Peace Statement in the form of a Reciprocal Frame array with a ring of head down tribal spears beneath.  This was to be  inaugurated at the summit of the African Union 2010  at the Speke Resort Munyonyo by President Museveni.

The Peace Garden and Symbolic Peace Statement were created in 72 hours prior to the opening of the summit,  on rough land gifted by Dr Sudir Ruparilia the owner of Speke,  in a remarkable act of dedication and will.

This seed set in 2010 now needs to be watered and given all necessary attention to flourish.

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