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All Hands In

Dear Friends

WE are a growing community of those who recognise ,

that if we are to know peace and sustainability on earth,

human consciousness has to change.

We humans are the problem...... and we are the solution

Each of us is a cell in the body of world peace,

and therefore the greatest gift we can offer,

to peace and sustainability on earth,

is our own awakening...

In these desperate times, when those with great power, toy with life on earth 

it is easy to feel helpless, but we are not....

We simply gather the courage and strength,

to begin with ourselves..


As our own experience deepens we find ourselves awake in a community of being which is strengthened by our presence.

There is a welcome here... feel free to subscribe


What to expect!

When you subscribe you will automatically be add to my monthly newsletter list. This contains  overview information relating to Journey of no Distance workshops, programs and events, the progress of the Be the Change tour and its appeal for donations, together with occasional poems and short essays.

Random Pages ebook

Random Pages are a selection of pages taken from The Journeyman's Notebook of 168 poems that capture the good the bad and the very ugly moments on my own Journey of no Distance together with those moments when the path fell from beneath my feet.

Drink deep.... the wine is full bodied.

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To Unsubscribe

Please feel free to unsubscribe at any time if this connection is no longer interesting or useful.

I Promise I will take you off the list and never bother you again....

Random Pages

I was twelve in 1965, This is when I sat on my bedroom floor to begin what has been a lifelong journey. A journey which I now understand has no distance.

When I was fourteen I asked Frank, the youthful curly headed  curate of St Andrew Church Luton, who was standing in the kitchen of the church youth club...

"Frank I've got some questions" I think he thought I was going to ask about sex.... " What is God,?  What is love?   What is life?   and why are we here....?

His bearing changed and he said " I'm in here (touching his black robe) trying to answer those questions..... and I'm not suggesting you come in here... (touching his robe again)

But I can tell you that if you have those questions you have to attend to them...

"But Frank I know I scare my Mum and Dad, they worry about me"  He said " You have a decision to make then. Are you going to live your life, or the life that will make your Mum and Dad feel safe and happy"?

I made my choice and my dear mum said on one of her death beds... "You know love... you left home when you were fourteen"   "Yes Mum I did"  I was still in the house but off on my journey.

The journeyman's notebook gathers together 35 years worth of notes from the road. Notes that were captured as scribbles on scraps of paper and in my architectural day books as I worked, all dusted down and finally wrought into some shape.

Random pages is an ebook extracting 40 pages of the 168 comprising the full book.  Its free and you are welcome.

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