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Curvy Tree Road
Image by Joshua Sukoff
Curvy Tree Road

Journey of no Distance

A year long program
comprising 6 weekend workshops

How does peace, happiness, justice and mutual well being arise in our world?

Put simply ....Our world is the way it is..... because we humans are the way we are.

When we change... our world changes.

We are the problem.... we are the solution

The Journey of no Distance program is a response to these notions

for those who are willing to be the change.

These 6 workshops offer a workable pathway

of awakening and transformation

that establishes its presence in our personal and professional lives.

This program represents an opportunity to go beyond

the internal landscape of what we know of ourselves,

to explore and understand our addictive patterns embedded

in our mind, that when energized by emotion forms

the separated sense of self we call the EGO.


This global collective of mind, emotion and EGO

has dominion over the earth

and is the creator of our problems

The JOND program progressively introduces practices

that reveal a spaciousness

in which our embedded patterns are revealed.

Only when we understand what we do....

can we pass beyond.


Silent, formless, ever present, interconnected awareness is beyond.

When we reside in that... our  inner world changes

and so does the world around us,

in our experience, in our relationships, in our work

and in the way we relate to our earth

This is a program for individuals, companies and government.

Image by Robert Murray

Course information

Journey of no Distance is one of depth and intimacy and therefore has a maximum of 10 participants so that ample time is available to all.

Course Registration

Those who have completed Base Camp or Base Camp + may apply. Please email graham at

Course Location

In the Peacebuildings Yurt

 bei Graz

Company and Government trainings to be in house

Course Fee

Fee for individuals -  each workshop €300 per person.

Fee for company and government trainings - to be negotiated.

Saturday & Sunday 

on 6 weekends throughout the year

9.30 am - 5.00pm each day.

Dates available upon application

Course Time & Dates

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