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Peacebuildings current project:

Be the Change Tour

with the peacebuildings yurt,

to countries surrounding Russia and  Ukraine and Epicenters of change in EU and UK and Ireland.


Payments by Credit cards, Link Pay Pal etc

Please use the Contribute buttons in your chosen currency

Direct bank transfer for a Donation in Dollars

To contribute directly in dollars please email graham at letting me know the sum you wish to donate.  I will forward a payment for that amount from my Wise dollar account in New York thereby avoiding international charges.


I am very happy to receive donations in Bitcoin. I am setting up the mechanism to do this with Stripe but in the meantime please contact graham at


All contribution accounts will be transparent and available for annual view by contributors.

Contributions may be made on a one off or monthly basis via bank transfer

Please contact Graham for further details at:

Every little helps......Thank you.

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