The Peacebuildings Circus
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The Peacebuildings Circus

is a traveling epicenter of change and awakening

Image by Hannes Richter

No problem can be solved by the same level of  consciousness

that created it  - Albert Einstein

If Herr Einstein is correct,

to solve the multiplicity of problems,

we humans have created over millennia on this earth,

it is we humans who have to change.


For such change to be possible we must firstly accept that...

We are the problem,

and we are the solution.


We humans have avoided this obvious reality for a very long time.

Our earth is asking us to wake up.

How do we approach such a paradigm shift?

How do help our young people to shoulder this responsibility?

The Nature of the Circus

We firstly explore the way the world is....

and the way we are, with all our separations....

The way our senses give us that feeling of separateness and how we build an identity out of that feeling in what we can call the process of EGO.

We then look at how for millennia, actions sprung from that separated sense of self, disconnected from the timeless intelligence of our natural world, has inevitably brought us to the crisis we have on our earth today


In that we establish the simple but profound notion

that we humans are the problem and therefore we are the solution.


We then begin to explore what is the nature of change that is before us and how we begin to approach it.

What is it that we can do today in our lives that contributes to that global emergence of the Butterfly


We are all cells in the body of global consciousness

When the impulses for peace and sustainability arise in us,

our world will be peaceful and sustainable.


The Peacebuildings Circus is an epicenter of that change.


We are in the business of planting seeds of change...


In light playful ways we penetrate the norms of our world with all its problems, and then explore a new possibility for human experience.


Could it be that such a new possibility is and ever has been with us.

That our next evolutionary step is as natural and radical,

as the caterpillar weaving its cocoon to emerge as butterfly.

How do we approach that?

Shaking the tree

To begin we use the mediums of puppetry to look a different characters and ask how they might have become who they seem to be. 

This is the foundation upon which to invite some self inquiry, initially explored in art and private journal work and then progressively opened into group discussion.


Two Stuctures  - Hierarchy and the Reciprocal Frame

RF Sticks feet.jpg

We then start digging deeper and use two physical structures to illuminate the nature of our experience.

Two pieces of card linked together with gaffer tape are a crude but effective representation of the nature of perceptive reality and the structure of hierarchy. The structure which has dominion over the earth right today.

We explore the subject object relationship of our sense perception and how this feeds our experience of separateness.

We explore how that separated EGO seeks to protect, nourish and defend itself both in our everyday actions, in group life and on the world's stage.

We use the Reciprocal Frame to offer a vision of the paradigm shift.

It expresses the non-hierarchical interconnected intelligence of life on earth. An intelligence and awareness which we have separated ourselves from.

Is that awareness expressed by the empty centre-less space of the Reciprocal Frame. Is that awareness ever with us and simply overshadowed by the endless activity of our mind and its driver the EGO

The light, the projector and the film

We further explore the notion that all experience is content and that there is something that is aware of that content.

We can be happy, sad, angry, disappointed, fearful, in love but in all these states we are aware.


That awareness never changes even though the content of our experience constantly does.

We relate that awareness to the light, the mind is the projector, the film the EGO which colours experience.

Movie Projector


IMG_6306-003 (2).JPG

How do we begin to uncover that awareness?
To make any change we have to understand where we are.
We use traditional story to open the arena of listening to others
and listening to and exploring ourselves

The Way of Council

To take this further we introduce the Way of Council. This is an ancient modality of governance where every individual has the right an opportunity to speak and be heard. It is where we speak truth, we speak from the heart, we speak spontaneously and we speak briefly. This is where we practice listening and deep communication.  Council offers a way of establishing truthful communication and awakening and empowering the individual in the group


Personal Empowerment

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

Throughout the program and in the supporting class and group work  we use and offer the mediums of painting, storytelling, puppetry, role play, simple meditation and the Way of Council as ways to explore our current world and the way we play within it.  We begin to uncover the beliefs that limit us, and the gifts, skills and beauty we possess.


We ignite the recognition that we are the ones who can, and must do what generations before have not. That it is our courage, our determination, our skill, and our awareness that will unearth the nature and substance of the changes necessary for a world of peace and sustainability for all.

Support for teachers and youth leaders

When working with schools and youth groups it is vital that teachers and youth leaders, as program pathfinders, establish their own understanding of, and relationship to, the depth of the project to become an integral part of the project team.

To facilitate this we invite and require all pathfinders to participate in a 2 day workshop to absorb, challenge and contribute to the essence of the program so that it can be interpreted appropriately to each situation.


Participants on the Pathfinders Workshop become a working group who can share their experiences with each other and the Circus team in Zoom sessions during the project.


The Circus program comes complete with a resource materials including group games, exercises and practices which will be explored during the 2 day workshop.

Support will be available during the program.

At the end of the program, Covid permitting, we will invite each of the participating groups and their pathfinders to the Peacebuildings Circus Yurt for a day of further experience and feedback.


In conclusion there will be a Humandala event in Graz as and collective expression of our work together.


The Circus Team

Pia Derler
Leo Breid
Fiona Kaiser
Ioana Tarchilla
Renate Zirkl
Elfi Scharf
Marion Wiesler
Graham Brown

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