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Image by Patrick Schneider

Be the Change Tour

with the Peacebuildings Yurt
The impulse for the Be the Change tour
The Be the Change tour
A traveling epicenter of change

The beams of the Reciprocal Frame
are an expression of giving and receiving
gathered around formless emptiness

Formless, empty, presence
that is the core and substance of all life on earth


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When we live in the knowing of that,
inter-connectedness guides our actions,
and a sustainable life of peace, happiness naturally arises.

The purpose of the Be the Change tour
is to spark this vision
and offer a workable pathway for us
to become a cell
in that body of world peace


Participation is the lifeblood of global change.

No-one alive and breathing on earth today is exempt... 

We know we all have our part to play,

In our own particular way

Participate by Receiving

Willingness to change is the gateway to receiving

and what we finally receive is the the beauty of our own being

You are invited to participate and receive:

  1. In the face to face or online courses and programs that can be booked on this website.

  2. In any of the meetings, workshops, or follow up courses on the Be the change tour.

Participate by Giving

Generosity is the fuel

 of personal and global transformation

 This project is a crucible for both. 

Generosity has many forms:

We invite them all as this is the only fuel aligned with our project.

Feel free to:

  1. Make a donation.

  2. Champion a project... propose and help us bring the Yurt and the spark of the tour to your group, school, community, business.

Why we need your generosity

I need your help to quickly to get this project on the road in 2024

Click the links to find our more......

A vehicle to tow the 35ookg of the trailer and carry the tour team
Budget €20,000 for something old and strong and minimum Euro 4
or Donation or manufacturers sponsorship

Our initial target is therefore €80,000 or £70,000 and the more we raise the easier the task is and the further we go.

Participate by joining the Be the Change touring team 

The tour will be made up of individual journey's lasting about a month.
Sign up for the experience

Build the yurt, blog the tour, sit in all the sessions, take your seat in this change

How we build the yurt in 3 mins
Guide the project to the places its need to go
Money is the fuel but we need more.

Participate by being a project champion. Guide us to your destination, to your community, to your school, your business, your group.

This inner work to tour initiates and offers allows the obstructions that exist between individuals and groups to fall away. We open the door to courage, truthfulness, creativity, happiness and thereby efficiency.

We will sit with any one any groups..... but we need you to open the possibility.

Image by Jakub Sejkora
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