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Image by Patrick Schneider

Be the Change Tour

with the Peacebuildings Yurt
An introduction to the tour and this crowdfunding appeal
Be the Change Tour

Forgive me ... I'm now too old to make this sweet


We humans are the latest expression of a 13.7 billion year development plan which is not yet complete.

In the blink of an evolutionary eye our species has evolved from being prey to top predator.

We have made very difficult things remarkably easy.

To communicate, to kill with ruthless efficiency, to feed ourselves, to live longer, to dominate,

but our powerful cleverness now overwhelms the natural world upon which we depend.

The garden we have created is not peaceful, just nor abundant for all life,

and we have no thought that it is we who are the problem.

That is we who must change........if life on earth is to change.

We are the problem.

We are the solution.

An evolutionary leap

So what is the evolutionary leap if life on earth is to be peaceful, abundant, sustainable?

it is so close to us we cannot see it.

The silent empty interconnected awareness by which the mind can think, the body move, the heart feel,

is that which permeates, animates and interconnects all life on earth.


In our age long quest for dominance, activity of mind overshadowed that silent empty awareness,

in an act of forgetting the gave birth to the separated sense of self we today cal EGO

The leap is to make remembrance of that silent empty interconnected awareness

and allow our cleverness to be informed by it


In that remembrance impulses for dominance dissolve into a peace-full-ness we might call love.

Peace justice and mutual well being naturally arise out of this peace-ful-clever-ness.

How do we make that remembrance?

That is the purpose of the Be the Change tour

A traveling epicenter of change

For many years I have watched the Reciprocal Frame touch people deeply.

It sparks remembrance of our interconnected selves.

In the Peacebuildings workshops and seminars that we will offer everywhere we stop,

we take that spark and allow it to ignite a deep understanding of the mind, the ego and the leap.

We offer simple, powerful tools and practices to help.

In this way the yurt is a traveling epicenter of change and awakening.

A perfect place to recognise that radical change is necessary workable.

A place to begin our own Journey of no Distance.

What is the Journey of no Distance?

Watch a timelapse of the yurt built in 5 hours
This project is crowd funded and crowd guiding

Money is the fuel but I need more.

I am willing to walk into any room, anywhere, to meet and sit with anyone, no matter who,

but I need your help to get me there.

Help by opening doors to people, place, communities. schools, local and national governments.

The intention is to travel the length and breadth of Europe from Kiev to Dublin from Helsinki to Malaga.

We have created European Zones to make our travel effective


Zone 1    Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany

Zone 2    Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Ireland

Zone 3    Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Poland

Zone 4    France, Spain, Portugal

This initial funding get the project equipped and rolling  with venues inside zone 1

Please email us with your suggestions of who we should contact and where we should go.


I need your help to quickly bring this project into being.

From a dream to CAD to reality.  The Peacebuildings Yurt is the latest of 45 Reciprocal Frame buildings I have designed and built. It is however by the grace of Christian Lechleitner (whose head I am happily squeezing in the picture below) that we have the yurt and the trailer, both ready to go on this journey.

Christian offered to front the costs enabling us to build the yurt, including the canvas cover and felt insulation commissioned from Jurtenwerkstatt. He also offered the free use of his workshop and his unpaid labour to work alongside me in the build process. Then in a final act of generosity he also fronted the cost of the trailer in which to transport the yurt. This was all within the understanding that I would finally crowdfund to repay him.

So finally is now.... as it is time to repay Christian and take the yurt on the road.... it is time for action.

Our initial funding requirements

To repay Christian for the materials and the trailer (£34.000).

We need a vehicle to pull to total weight of 3200kg... off road at times

Landrover, VW, Audi, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota, Dodge etc

Please feel free to step in as sponsor and provide a powerful eco 4x4 vehicle for this trip

or we need £15.000 for something old but strong.

Equipment for video, communications, cooking, sleeping £6000.

Food, fuel and accommodation for the team £15,000.

Our initial target is therefore £70,000 (€ 80,000) and then the more we raise the longer and further we go.


There will be a further crowdfunding appeal to create an online program for those who have spent time in the yurt and want more support for their inner work.

All names of contributors and contributions go on the list unless anonymity is requested.

The project will be audited to show where your money has gone...

Every contribution is welcome no matter how small or large,

and is more than money....

I will keep everyone up to date in the newsletter so Please subscribe to be added to the newsletter list.

Graham Brown

Image by Jakub Sejkora
Crowdfunding Reciprocity
Contribute €10,000 and above from an individual

The reciprocal offer is to be discussed.

Contribute €3500 and above from an individual .....

Being the Change...

A 7 day residential retreat in the highlands of Scotland
A 7 day residential retreat in Europe 

This is an intimate life changing  week for a maximum of 10 people in each location

All that is required is a willingness to step beyond who we think ourselves to be.

Contribute €6000 from a business

This is a reciprocal offer for companies and institutions. A 3 day in-house Peacebuildings workshop for up to 20 colleagues tailored to open dialogue and offer practices to improve interaction and thereby efficiency.

Contribute €4000 from an individual

The reciprocal offer is any one of the programmed Basecamp foundation workshops together with the next Journey of no distance year program of 6 weekend workshops.

Contribute €2000 from an individual

The reciprocal offer is any one of the programmed Basecamp foundation workshop and 3 x 1 hour online sessions with Graham.

Contribute €1000 from an individual

The reciprocal offer is any one of the Basecamp foundation workshops.

Contribute €600 from an individual

3x  1hr online sessions with Graham.

Contribute €200 from an individual

1x 1hr online sessions with Graham.

Contribute €100 from an individual

A program of 6 short videos introducing the Reciprocal Frame and the Journey of no Distance .

Contribute €60

A Journeyman's notebook - a compilation of 168 poems by graham spanning 35 years as paperback

Contribute €30

A Journeyman's notebook - a compilation of 168 poems by graham spanning 35 years as an ebook

Contribute €01-30

These donations will be added to the list where a contributor wishes that.


Before you make your contribution please send an email to me at giving you contact details, which of the offers you wish to receive and in which currency is best for you to make your donation.

Only make your donation when you receive my acknowledgement by hitting the contribute button below. This helps me to keep a proper record of all.


With Gratitude... Graham

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