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Seeds for Peace

Peacebuildings are seeds for world peace.
We are building them around the globe
In communities where there is a call.
They can be national centres or simple iconic structures

They are much more than buildings.
Peacebuildings are epicentres
of individual, community and global transformation.

The Reciprocal Frame roof structure in each Peacebuilding,
Is an  expression of timeless wisdom and knowledge.
that crosses the divides of culture and religion,
and offers a pathway of change in today's world.

Peacebuildings are places where we can remember
and reconnect with that wisdom that is resident in all of us.

Peacebuildings projects are run on a non profit basis

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Two Tracks

A Peacebuildings project rides on two tracks

To bring a world of peace and sustainability into being we must change the motivations and actions that have created the world of today.


If our world is to change

It is we who must change


This is deep and challenging work. But if we fail in this endeavour a peaceful sustainable world will forever remain beyond our reach.


Peacebuildings undertakes this deep inner work whilst taking bold actions promoting global change.

We ride upon both tracks.

Twin Tracks

The Reciprocal Frame helps us understand the nature of the mind, perception and awareness, and guides us on our journey of re-connection with silent formless awareness within which all experience is known

The journey to that experience is one of no distance, and finally the most simple and natural we will ever take. It is however perhaps the most challenging to begin in today's world.


The greatest of all Peacebuildings is the one we unearth in ourselves.

Our world will be peaceful          

When we are peaceful

We are the problem                      

We are the solution

When we take our seat in silent awareness, motivation, thought without effort generate creative, compassionate sustainable pathways of action

Each of us is a cell in the body of world peace.
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