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Workshops and courses

There is an old saying that relates to our inner journey to peace and happiness

"We need two wings on the bird"

"The wing of inner practice....  and the wing of everyday life"

When we only know one wing....  we just go round and round in circles.

With two strong and well connected wings we can fly in any weather, and find our way to the "eye of the storm"

That place where the storm rages around us.....

but our residence is one of peace and happiness......


A 2 day  foundation workshop

Here we explore the obstacles and difficulties brought into our life every day by our own mind, and its driver the EGO.

We cut away misconceptions about meditation and understand the power and practice of simply sitting.  We gather tools to help us meet the challenges of our everyday life on our journey to reside in the"eye of the storm" 


A 2 day workshop deepening the work of Base Camp

Basecamp is where we explore the landscape of our inner journey. TAKE YOUR SEAT is where we step onto the path, deepen our understanding, experience and  make year long commitment to ourselves.

To each day make time for our inner practice and to take

whatever arises in life as an opportunity to awaken

Year Courses 1,2,3

For those making a deep commitment to self

The year courses are a Journey of no Distance beyond the everyday whirlwind of mind and ego into a state of  presence with what is in pure awareness.

Each year course comprises 6 workshops of two days.

The year course program is open to those who have completed Basecamp.

A Journey of no Distance

Year 1

In this year we explore the everyday situations in which the whirlwind of mind and EGO entangle us. This is ever more illuminated in our meditation.

Practice deepen clarity and understanding, the mind then begins to quieten as we strengthen both wings and open experience to moments of the eye of the storm.

A walk on the beach

Year 2

 Commitment and trust in self allow deep relaxation. This is the way as we dive deeper into the mechanics of the mind, memory and identity to make room for expansive freedom revealing itself both in our practice and everyday life.

No Journey no Distance

Year 3

Clarity finally reveals mind as the watcher who stands on the bank observing the life's river passing by. The mind is the follower of life, always behind the moment.

The way invites a leap of faith into the river we are. Into presence here and now.  Courage and daring are the way.

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