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Workshop content

Base Camp

In this crazy world how do we come to know and experience peace and happiness, and bring that into our world.


Base Camp is a two day workshop where we explore the depth of the question and equip ourselves for the inner journey to the answer.


We explore the nature and  the development of our current consciousness across millennia, because we need to understand where we are and how we got here.

How did we disconnect from each other and the natural world that sustains us.?


We explore the timeless wisdom expressed in the Reciprocal frame

the nature of the awakening expressed by its form, shown in the picture opposite, and the vision of re-connection with ourselves, each other and our planet it presents

In that understanding we explore the real purpose of meditation and learn and establish a simple, powerful meditation  on a firm foundation of understanding.


We learn the ancient way of council given by the Hopi to Gigi Coyle who thankfully passed it on to many including Graham.

We use this extensively in the workshop and experience how  we can use this in our relationships, community and businesses to reconnect with truthfulness, to establish deeper connections, clarity and a togetherness beyond conflict.


There has never been a Base Camp where there has not been belly aching laughter, tears,  play, music and poetry.


You will leave the weekend with some sacred tools that will serve, guide and protect you for a lifetime.

This is two day of intense living together in truth and openness... 

Bring everything you are ... everything is welcome

It will be deep, challenging and it could be fun 

Basecamp is where we begin a journey.

If you are reading this, you are contemplating an inner journey or wanting to continue one already begun.

In response to an inner call... a silent one


Millions of people on earth are hearing this same call

What is it?


It matter not whether we are happy or sad,

whatever the nature of our experience,

we are always aware of it.

The awareness by which we know our experience

has no content, it is silent, ever present, and ever aware.


When we are absorbed in the content of our experience

We overshadow that silent awareness

by which experience is known.

This is separation and we call this the EGO,

a separated sense of self.


It is silent awareness that calls us

to go beyond our separated sense of self

to awaken that which permeates all

silent, aware ever present in all

In that experience there is peace and happiness.


That is The Journey of no Distance

Base Camp is where we  prepare for such a journey

Course infomation


Workshop price per person is €300 but sometimes there will be an addition for my travel and accommodation expenses  dependent upon location Final prices will appear on the booking form.

Group Workshops max 15 people.

The course is spoken in English.

Please ask if you need translation into Deutsch.

Concessions are available for individuals within the group workshops.

The small group training are for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 people

The will take two days Tuesday / Wednesday or Wednesday / Thursday

The course is only offered in English

The price for a small group training is €1600.

Please make your proposal for a small group by email to

Food may be provided on some courses

otherwise bring food for lunch.

Coffee, teas and water will be provided .

Please register below and pay online to reserve your seat for the group workshop.

Email graham at to register and pay cash on the day,

or if you encounter any problems.

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BaseCamp is deadly serious

  • BASECAMP  in the Yurt - with translation in Deutsch
    BASECAMP  in the Yurt - with translation in Deutsch
    Sat, 06 Jul
    Nestelbach bei Graz
    06 Jul 2024, 09:30 CEST – 07 Jul 2024, 17:00 CEST
    Nestelbach bei Graz, Edelsgrub 49, 8302, Austria
    What is the unshakable ground upon which we can stand as men in the world of today. Intensity and instability surround us in the workplace, our relationships and in the very fabric of who we think we are. Base Camp is where we begin or continue our journey to that unshakable ground.
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