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Community Hospice Site Plan

Community Hospice

Design Exploration

This was a design investigation for a hospice with people with aids, commissioned by a group of Edinburgh based gay men, who wanted to explore the possibility of creating a hospice for people with aids where they could live and die in community.

These beautiful designs and drawings, worked by Carlos Marquez, reveal an environment where as a persons needs became more acute, they could be cared for in buildings with appropriate end of life facilities.


For us this was not just from a medical point of view. We wanted to provide a beautiful environment where the last moments of life on earth would be passed in a place supportive of the transference of energy at death.


A place where there was a last view to the our beautiful natural world.

In a building whose energetic resonance was supportive of the release of life's energy from its bodily form.


A place where before death we are given a silent energetic invitation to the beyond of the world of the senses, so that at the time of death the journey of release could be without fear and in peace.


A place where death would be surrounded by the love of others who would remain.

Sadly this project never passed beyond this initial appraisal. It remains however one that should.


Therefore please contact us if you want to champion it today. We have a head start.

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