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Out of Nowhere


Design of Reciprocal Frame domestic and commercial buildings

Consultative support to Architecture offices

working Reciprocal Frame designs and projects

3D modeling, renderings & Archicad CAD drawings

for appraisal, design, planning applications

 construction and building control drawings


Workshops in Reciprocal Frame design and construction

Please contact email Graham

to set up a time for a discussion about your project..

Dance your dream awake

Spend a week in a preliminary design workshop with Graham to turn your dreams into the blueprint for a realisable ecological and sustainable low carbon home

We take the time to listen deeply to each other and feed the crucible of creativity with all the elements of design. The heat of this process illuminates and burns away that which is not necessary and that which breaks the budget so that which is remains has a clear voice, effectiveness and aesthetic.

Contact Graham to discuss your project.

IMG_0914 copy.JPG

In the past 33 years Graham has brought 45 Reciprocal Frame buildings into being. Some small structures and Garden buildings and sanctuaries and some £3.2 million commercial schemes.

He has also worked on other contemporary designs and historic renovations.

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