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 Mens BASECAMP  in the Yurt
 Mens BASECAMP  in the Yurt

Sat, 07 Oct


Nestelbach bei Graz

Mens BASECAMP in the Yurt

Base Camp is the beginning of a life long journey. We explore the nature of the mind, its driver the EGO together with the nature of its confusions. We break the many misconceptions that make meditation an impossibility for many and establish a simple practice on a firm foundation.

Time & Location

07 Oct, 09:30 CEST – 08 Oct, 17:00 CEST

Nestelbach bei Graz, Edelsgrub 49, 8302, Austria


About the Event

BASECAMP - is a stand alone course but also the required foundation course for the Journey of no Distance program.

The Course   This is Basecamp +. A day where we erect the yurt followed by a weekend course is to establish a pathway to freedom. An inner and an outer aspect. It is an old Tibetan saying that there must be two wings on the bird if it is not destined to fly in circles. BaseCamp proides a foundation for both deep inner work and its  application and expression in our daily life


On the inner path  you will be given a framework within which to understand the activity of mind and ego.  This provides a vital understanding upon which the practice of meditation rests because the first experience we meet in our practice is endless activity of the mind. 

Many people believe they cannot meditate because they cannot control and quieten the mind. This is a misunderstanding. We cannot control the mind ,nor should we.... 

Meditation when founded upon correct understanding is where we meet the activity of the mind with compassion. It is like taking a restless hungry cow into a huge field of lush grass. The cow naturally quietens as does the mind. 

As the mind quietens we become aware of a silent absence of thought. An absence that is aware, infact the awareness by which the mind can think, the body move and the heart feel. Once we have our first experience of THAT it is inevitable that, like the cow, the mind will finally rest in a silent fullness that bestows Peace and happiness in experience.

As that fullness infuses our experience, our outer life changes. It changes how we are in our lives, what we bring into the world around us, and how our body maintains itself.    This is being awake, with all our powers available to us in the immediacy, dynamism and freedom of now.

This is A Journey of no Distance......a journey of awakening. 

It represents a commitment to ourself and to the world around us.

You will leave the course knowing: understanding the nature of the inner landscape we will encounter, some simple and essential tools to ensure swift and safe passage and information regarding the many bear traps to be avoided on both the inner and outer path, and of course how we take that cow to its lush pasture  In the group process, we will share experiences to widen and deepen our understanding quickly.





  • Individual ticket


    The course will run from 9.30 am to 5.00pm each day






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