Ferryhill was the first Reciprocal Frame house in the UK and the first built in modular form by Out of Nowhere. The design was worked for George and Francis Ripley who brought the Ferryhill development of houses in greater space into being. They commissioned a design with a height restriction that precluded a full two story building but did allow in a substantial loft space. The design included tow double bedrooms divided from each other by shared bathroom all accessed  by a single half glazed door from the atrium lounge. The good sized kitchen with a separate entrance to garden together with bedroom bathroom lobby and toilet reveal the natural efficiency of the spaces engendered by the Reciprocal Frame.

This  was the first project where that efficiency reveled itself in the design process and brought to light the power of spaces in multifaceted buildings that follow the geometry of the Reciprocal Frame rather than being arranged around a center point. A principle drawn in the raw here but developed with greater subtltey as years and experience grew