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I spent the next month making a 1mt dia model of a nine beam, nine sided building.  Every day I would go to my workshop, meditate and wait for it to become clear what I was to do.  That month taught me much of what I use in the design and creation of buildings today. This model is still with me still a great demonstration of the principle and practice of Reciprocal Frame building.



The first building
A week or so after I had finished the model an old friend, Ian Spiers, called me and asked if I had any good ideas for sanctuary buildings....We had both been woodworkers before he trained as a Chiropractor and I as an Acupuncturist. He introduced me to Kenny and Judy. Kenny a successful American musician and Judy, his wife, a beautiful English rose.

They loved it, and Kenny being American asked how much, and when can I have it.  I had no idea about either, but 15 weeks later the first 4.4mtr dia 7 sided Reciprocal Frame gazebo was erected and complete. 


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