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Image by Tim Peterson

Peace Gathering

Whitefish, Montana

Graham was invited by Katherine and Gordon Cross to a gathering at their ranch near Whitefish Montana. This was an international gathering of approximately 100 souls all in their own way committed to global transformation.

Katherine and Gordon have devoted themselves in their own distinct ways to both the work of creating a sacred place where people may gather at Whitefish and other transformative work around the world.
Among the group were Smokey and Darnell Rides at the Door,  elders of the Blackfoot, Dancing Thunder, Chief of the Susquehannock together with 4 Momos of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia.

As part of work of intention during the week a small group worked the beams and layout for a 7 beam 15ft diameter Reciprocal Frame structure to be placed on the land as a vortex of transformation.

On the last day this was erected in ceremony on the land by the gathering where the creation of a physical vortex and the opening of that within the group was the same.... and there it remains.. alive, awake and doing its work

It was following this that the Mamos asked Graham to help them protect a sacred site in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

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