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Naming the Structure

A few weeks into the patent process Howard called me and said we need a name for the structure, and I also needed a name for a company. I thought it would be good to have a name that reflected the math in the structure. Something like Buckminster Fuller's Geodesic Dome.. but nothing came. A book given to me by a friend called Protective Geometry by Olive Whitcher, fell from a shelf and I guessed it knew the name. I closed my eyes and asked for the name, randomly opened the book and let my finger fall on a page. Under my finger was the word Reciprocal ... The Reciprocal Frame ... a name was born and the patent pending registered.

A few days later I was cutting a round of wood on Taylor's beautiful old band saw in that blissful state where hand, eye, wood and machine have all fallen into silent union, and a question arose to interrupt the bliss. " Where did this all come from"...Out of Nowhere" came the instant reply and there was the name of my studio in honour of the origin of the frame.

I phoned Companies House see if Out of Nowhere was already registered.  I spoke to a lovely elderly lady and asked if Out of Nowhere had ever been used. She immediately said no. Stunned by her quick response I asked her if she needed to check the records.  Her somewhat brusque reply was " I have been here for 40 years my dear. I can assure you there is no company called Out of Nowhere" " And so I was able to answer my phone for 30 years saying     "Hello this is Graham Brown at Out of Nowhere"

Pure pleasure...

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