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Sat on the Rocks

The Solitary Path to Silence    

Part one - Online


Meditation is a subtle and delicate art.

It does not take us anywhere new.

It simply allows the mind to finally quieten

so that we can experience some spaciousness

within which the workings of the mind become clear.

This activity finally subsides into silent formless awareness

within which, and by which all experience is known.


That ever present silent awareness is revealed as self knowing itself,

and that experience bestows peace and happiness in the heart.

Meditation is a solitary and very personal path.

It represent our commitment to self and the world to establish ourselves 

in a genuine and authentic experience of peace and happiness.


This experience changes how we are in our lives,

what we bring into the world around us,

and how our body maintains itself. 


Being awake,

with all our powers available,

in the immediacy of now.


This online course is Part One of a series of three

to progressively establish a simple meditation practice, 

within a clarity of method, purpose, experience and understanding.

The course will take the form of 9 videos of approximately 45 mins


You will be given a framework within which to understand the activity of mind and ego. 

This understanding provides an initial support to the practice of meditation 

and gives the mind some comfort as you allow its endless activity

to subside into silent awareness.

You will be given a simple secular meditation practice and time to make its practice stable.

You will be given the opportunity to join a regular meditation group.

After some time you may deepen the practice on the Part 2 & 3 workshops


You will leave the course knowing:

What do we do,

what we do not do,

why do we meditate, 

how we approach the practice,

what can we expect from our practice,

what should we not look for in our practice, 

what are the bear traps to avoid.

Course Fee

This simplified version of the weekend workshop is offered free for the next 3 months

Please feel free to make a donation if you wish.

If you wish to have a follow up session with graham  please contact him at

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