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The Model

When I first stood on the structure I think you can imagine the moment.  A rush of joy ran up my spine and it was clear something life changing had arrived. I wanted immediately to see how this might work as a roof on a building and the best way was to construct a model.  I made some rough walls and tried to get them to stay put whilst I tried to erect the Reciprocal Frame upon them. 


Lesson one. No matter what the size there is a great precision in the geometry... If you try to by pass this it will kick you.

Having decided I had already been kicked enough in my life decided to go the slower and easier route. Each day for the next month I went into my workshop and meditated, listened deeply and did what became obvious.

The result was this model which has now been with me for 33 years and I used 2 weeks ago. I have a great respect and affection for this piece of works as it represents a significant part of my introduction and education in the realm of the Reciprocal Frame.

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