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God & Leonardo

God, Leonardo and an 11th century Japanese Temple Builder

My experience of the the frame's arrival was that a small piece of God had dropped in my lap. I fully expected this structure to have been on earth for a long time. I thought the most likely place was in an indigenous culture but to date I have never found it.


Some time after the time of its arrival I took the structure to Nottingham University meet with see David Nicholson Cole who specialised in CAD and John Chilton who was the lecturer in structural engineering in the Architecture Department. At the meeting David told me that John would not be coming as he did not think he would be seeing anything new. John walked in as I was standing on the model and our work together began. John later handed this over to his commercial colleague Peter Murray with whom I worked for many years.


Some time later John's PhD student Olga Popavich caught the Reciprocal Frame bug and asked to take it as her thesis. In her research she found evidence of its use by an 11th century Japanese temple builder and its principle penciled in lattice form in the torn corner of one of Leonardo's sketches and in his mathematical bridge design. Some years later I found it used as a roof structure at the top of a circular stair well designed by Gaudi..... I have no idea what this structure brought to the lives of these wonderful men, I can only pass on what it has brought to me

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