Structures of separateness

We place beam upon beam to build the Reciprocal Frame,

until it is strong and complete and interdependent.

In the same way over countless ages

we humans have built one layer of separation upon another

to create the complexity of separations, we now call ego,

our separate individual self.

This complexity of separations invokes

a never ending circle of activity in the mind. 

We are constantly busy with

judgement, opinion, preference, protection and belief

all to affirm our own existence.

Awakening and awareness

This activity overshadows

the silent unchanging awareness

which is both the substance of experience,

and that by which all experience is known.


When we awaken to,

 that unchanging awareness,

the mind relaxes its quest to confirm we exist,

peace and happiness arise in the heart and mind

in the knowing and fullness of what we are.


A call to change

The intensity of life today 

can entrap us in survival mode,

but now also strongly calls us to awaken.


The journey we can make from thinking that

we are only the content of experience,

to being aware of the awareness

by which experience is known,

is logically, one of no distance

We know the world needs to change

but we seem to avoid the reality that is is we,

who create and maintain this world as it is.

Therefore if there is to be change,

it is we who must change.

We are cells in the body of world peace

The journey of no distance

At 67 I can now say that what I now call 

"A Journey of no Distance"

has ever been a silent call in my being.


It is subject, content and exploration at the core

of my lectures and workshop programs.

I consciously began my journey age 12

when with no guidance I sat to meditate.

In my seeking I traveled through many cultures and teachings.

In 1987 it became clear I was to follow my own heart wisdom.

In the autumn of 1987 the Reciprocal Frame arrived.

This invited me to go nowhere and some 20 years later

I found myself awake in now here.


I now offer lectures, seminars,  meditation teachings, year long programs, online courses as well as one to one sessions for those interested in a Journey of no Distance