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The headmistress of Inveraray Primary  School, Anne Paterson, commissioned David Blair to construct an outdoor classroom for the children.  David contacted Graham Brown to ask if he might use the Reciprocal Frame and how best it might be arranged.  Graham suggested that the project could be the first Peacebuildings Project for schools and asked if he would suggest this to Anne

Anne being Anne naturally asked the children who gave a resounding yes to the idea in a school assembly and the project began.There were 7 classes in the school and therefore a Reciprocal Frame with 7 beams was designed,  one beam for each class.

Graham asked the children to each design a symbol of peace and write two peace prayers,  one for themselves and one for the world.  The school caretaker spent a week on his knees with the children to help them carve their symbols onto their class beam.

Parents gathered for the beams to be blessed by the children and then passed to David's team to be lifted into the array.  Two weeks later the building was complete and during the opening ceremony the children put their written peace prayers into a fire to smoke them out into the world.

To complete the project the children wanted to leave their hand prints on the building as a statement of their commitment to peace.  

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