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Making friends with death

The current pandemic has brought those of us fortunate enough to live in safe, stable and well developed places to confront death in ways we are not used to.

Death is something we prefer not to talk about and when it happens to ones we love or ourselves we are often ill prepared.

The fear of death is embedded deep within the structure of mind. The driver of the activity of mind is our separated sense of self, that which we call EGO. Ego has a profound fear of death because its only existence is a thought about itself. This is why we find it so hard to look at death straight.

In this avoidance we miss treasure beyond measure.

This evening is an exploration of the ways we currently meet death whether that be our own or that of one we love.

Then there is more. What is it that animates every aspect of the body / mind. What breathes us, nourishes us sleeps us, give capacity for perception and understanding of the objective world.

Does that, which is beyond mind die when the body dies.  Can we know that before we die and if we do is death the same for the one that passes and those who remain.

This evening we will explore this and more.

Making friends with death
Making friends with death
04 Mar 2021, 20:00
Making friends with death
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