My work is a weaving

of these inner and outer worlds.

Outer action & Inner transformation.

It is a great pleasure to pass on the meditations, practices and understanding arising from my inner journey, together with the technical and design know-how from my design, construction and project work with the Reciprocal Frame.

The Peacebuildings project

is an amalgamation of this inner and outer work.

Each project, no matter how small or large, is essentially a cocoon and crucible where we humans can forge re-connection

with our ever present silent awareness

as a foundation for peace and sustainability on earth.

The Reciprocal Frame

This is the Reciprocal Frame where

form and formlessness interweave.


An architectural mandala that helps us settle into a state where the content of experience,

and the awareness by which experience is known

are reunited in the architecture of a peaceful mind.


A roof structure that brings

an energetic dynamism

to the possibilities

within architectural design.


Inner & outer work

Peacebuildings is a response
to perhaps the greatest challenge
we have ever consciously faced on this planet

If we are to have a world
where peace, truth, justice and sustainability have dominion
we must first unearth those qualities in ourselves

Are we the ones

who are willing to change ourselves
so that life on earth can change for all.


Peacebuildings are epicenters of such change

Out of Nowhere

a play with form

The Reciprocal Frame came Out of Nowhere

It is the name of my commercial studio in honour of its origin.

In the years since 1987 I have designed and made 45 or so Reciprocal Frame buildings.

From small garden offices and meditation sanctuaries

to radical ecological homes and million pound Woodland Burial Park complexes.

I accept commissions to design Reciprocal Frame buildings

and offer consultative constructional assistance.

I offer courses on all aspects of Reciprocal Frame design and construction

Into Nowhere

a play with formlessness

Nowhere is an interesting word,

Comprising Now Here.

We can spend a lifetime seeking,

and never arrive here and now.

So the question is how do we arrive,

when we never left?

If we never left, why does it feel like we have?

How and with what do we make a re-union

Into Nowhere is an exploration into these questions

and finally into Now Here

A Personal Story

the arrival of the Reciprocal Frame, a journey and an invitation

Sat on the Rocks

an invitation to a new way with money

The solitary path to silence online.

This is offered as a gift to everyone.  If you are able and want to make a contribution please feel free...


Peacebuildings Projects
All Peacebuilding projects and initiatives, large and small are funded by donation.

Bursary Fund

We welcome donations to a ring fenced bursary fund to enable those who are less well off to attend seminars/ workshops and programs.

Project development Fund

Peacebuildings projects often take time to establish and require sometimes repeated visits to communities before the project can begin. We welcome donations for this work.


Donations are ring fenced and accounts are available for annual inspection by donors




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